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Skills - Learning to Use Money

It is very important for a child to learn to use and exchange money.  In the world today, a toddler becomes a teenager in the blink of an eye and the ability to handle money with diligence and respect can make or break their financial future.  Our Money Skill Games teach that skill in a fun and entertaining way.


Let's make learning fun!


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Farmer's Market

Hungry for bananas? What would it cost to buy a bunch of them? In our Farm Game, you'll find dollar cards and coin cards to use for your purchase. As the farmer, you'll make change as you sell your produce. As the customer, you'll sort through the available fruits and vegetables, add them to your wheelbarrow and determine if you have enough money to buy those items.



You probably go with Mom or Dad to buy groceries.  Have you ever wondered how they handle their money in order to keep the family fed?  Our Supermarket Game will give you an idea of how hard it is to make sure you have enough money to make your purchases.  Pick out the items you want, add them to your shopping cart and total prices so you don't try to buy more than you can afford.


Funny Money

Filled with vivid, friendly images, our "Funny Money" can be used in made-up games or to help teach the youngest student the subtle rules governing the exchange of currency. So much of life's happiness revolves around money and the responsible use of it. Why not begin to teach the basics today?


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