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Skills - Stories for Children

Our Exclusive Free Printable Children's Stories will let your child's imagination play...and maybe learn a lesson or two. Improve your child's or student's vocabulary, spelling and comprehension with these great home teaching tools.


Let's make learning fun!


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Adventures with Little Marie

An almost six-year-old farm girl endeavors to prove she's not too young to accomplish a feat always entrusted to her grown siblings, but instead finds the wisdom of her mother's words.

Rosie's Nest

One of Jeremy's best friends, Rosie the Robin, lives in the cherry tree behind the house and is about to welcome her first family of hatchlings.  But hard times test the boundaries of love and teach the little boy one of life's greatest lessons.

The Dancing Unicorn

A folktale told by local villagers peeks a young boy's imagination.  So, Tony ventures into the forbidden dark woods one moonlit night in hopes of seeing The Dancing Unicorn.  What he doesn't realize is the valuable lesson this adventure will reap many years later.


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