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Skills - Helpful Hints

Just in case you're a little stuck or just need some extra help, the following general explanations have been provided.  If you need more help than these hints provide, just contact us at The Home School Zone and we'll do our best to assist you.




Little hands may have a hard time cutting the smaller or hard-to-reach areas of some of our crafts. Pointed scissors will make the job easier, but an adult should supervise the very young.

Try cutting as close to the outermost outline as possible. This will eliminate a lot of the white border from around the project.




When folding paper, especially the thicker card stock, use the "flat" edge of a ruler to bend the paper. It will make your folds crisper.

Roll small paper pieces by first wrapping the paper around your finger to get the paper bending in the right direction before attempting to achieve a tight roll.




Too much glue is as bad as too little. Don't get carried away. Try applying "just" enough to keep pieces securely attached and not so much the glue "squeezes" out into areas it doesn't belong.

It's hard to line up matching pieces correctly if the glue is starting to dry. This usually happens if there is too little glue applied over too large a surface. Instead, line the pieces up properly then apply only a small dab of glue between the pieces you are gluing. Make small adjustments you feel are needed until you are happy with how the two pieces fit together, let dry, then go back and apply glue to all. This makes for an overall neater and cleaner finished project.

When applying glue to a hard-to-reach or small area, use the tip of a toothpick.

Your projects will be a lot sturdier if you allow pieces to thoroughly dry where indicated in our instructions.




Prepare your chosen craft, decoration or project in the same "step-by-step" order in which they are given in our instructions.  Changing the assembly order may, in some cases, make it harder to complete.

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