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Mother Goose - Rhymes

Rhymes, rhymes, everywhere a rhyme.  We've collected some of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes from a vast array that seems endless.  Just how many rhymes she contributed is unknown, but we've set up this group in a way that allows you to print your favorites.  They are great for bedtime or as reading exercises.





1) A B C      About the Bush

2) A Candle      A Cock and Bull Story

3) A Dillar, A Dollar      A Little Man

4) All Around the Green Gravel      A Melancholy Song

5) A Pig      As I Was Going Along

6) A Sure Test




1) Baa, Baa, Black Sheep     Baby Dolly

2) Banbury Cross     Bandy Legs

3) Barber     Bedtime

4) Bees     Bessy Bell and Mary Gray

5) Betty Blue     Billy Boy Blue

6) Blue Bell Boy     Bobby Shaftoe

7) Bobby Snooks     Bonny Lass

8) Boy and Girl     Boy and the Sparrow




1) Caesar's Song     Candle-Saving

2) Christmas is Coming     Clap Handies

3) Cock-a-Doodle-Do!     Cock-a-Doodle-Do -  Oh, My Pretty Cock

4) Cock-Crow     Coffee and Tea

5) Come, Let's to Bed     Comical Folk

6) Cross-Patch     Curly-Locks




1) Daffy-Down-Dilly     Dance to Your Daddie

2) Dapple Gray     Diddle Diddle Dumpling

3) Diddlty, Diddlty, Dumpty     Doctor Foster

4) Draw a Pail of Water     Ducks and Drakes




1) Elsie Marley




1) Fingers and Toes     Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks, Nose, Mouth and Chin




1) Georgie Peorgie      Girls and Boys

2) Goosey, Goosey, Gander




1) Hark! Hark!     Heigh-Ho, The Carrion Crow

2) Heigh-Ho, The Carrion Crow     Hot Codlins

3) Hot Boiled Beans     Hot-Cross Buns

4) Humpty-Dumpty     Hush-A-Bye

5) Hush-A-Bye, Baby




1) If Wishes Were Horses     I'll Tell You a Story

2) I Love Sixpence




1) Jack and His Fiddle     Jack and Jill

2) Jack Be Nimble     Jack Jelf

3) Jack Jingle     Jack Sprat

4) Johnny Shall Have a New Bonnet




1) Ladybird     Little Betty Blue

2) Little Bo-Peep

3) Little Fred     Little Girl and Queen

4) Little Jack Horner     Little Jenny Wren

5) Little Jumping Joan     Little Lad

6) Little Maid     Little Miss Muffet

7) Little Pussy     Little Tom Tucker

8) Lucy Locket




1) Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary     Mary's Canary

2) My Kitten     My Love

3) My Maid Mary     My Mother and Your Mother




1) Nancy Dawson     Needles and Pins




1) Oh Dear!     Old Chairs to Mend

2) Old Grimes     Old Woman, Old Woman

3) One Foot Up     One Misty Moisty Morning

4) One to Ten     Over the Water




1) Pancake Day     Pat-A-Cake

2) Pease Porridge     Pins

3) Pippen Hill     Polly Put the Kettle On

4) Poor Old Robinson Crusoe     Pussy Cat and the Queen




1) Rain     Ring-A-Round the Roses

2) Robin and Richard     Robin Hood and Little John

3) Rock-A-Bye Baby




1) Saturday, Sunday     See-Saw

2) See-Saw-Jack     Sing a Song of Sixpence

3) Sing, Sing     Sleep, Baby, Sleep

4) Sulky Sue     Swan




1) Tell Tale Tit     That's All

2) The Alphabet     The Balloon

3) The Black Hen     The Blacksmith

4) The Boy in the Barn     The Bunch of Blue Ribbons

5) The Cat and the Fiddle     The Clever Hen

6) The Clock     The Coachman

7) The Crooked Sixpence     The Derby Ram

8) The Dusty Miller     The Farmer and the Raven

9) The First of May     The Flying Pig

10) The Girl and the Birds     The Girl in the Lane

11) The Greedy Man     The Hobby-Horse

12) The Little Bird     The Little Girl with a Curl

13) The Little Moppet     The Little Mouse

14) The Man in Our Town     The Man in the Moon

15) The Man of Bombay     The Man of Derby

16) The Man of Tobago     The Merchants of London

17) The Mouse and the Clock     The Old Man

18) The Old Woman and the Pedlar

19) The Old Woman from France     The Old Woman of Gloucester

20) The Old Woman of Harrow     The Old Woman of Leeds

21) The Old Woman of Surrey     The Old Woman Under a Hill

22) The Pumpkin-Eater     The Quarrel

23) The Robin     The Tarts

24) The Woman of Exeter     This Little Piggy

25) Three Blind Mice     Three Wise Men of Gotham

26) To Babylon     To Market

27) Tommy Snooks and Bessie Brooks     Tommy Tittlemouse

28) Tom, Tom , the Piper's Son     T'Other Little Tune

29) Two Birds     Two Pigeons




1) Wee Willie Winkie     We're All Jolly Boys

2) When     Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid

3) Whistle     Why May Not I Love Johnny

4) Willy Boy, Willy Boy




1) Young Lambs to Sell     Young Roger and Dolly



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