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Advantages of Home Schooling

Why are more and more parents opting to home school their children these days?

Many educators consider it an "old fashioned" and "archaic" method that's been out-paced by teaching advances made over the last century.  However, teaching professionals do agree that one-on-one tutoring is the most successful and effective tool for education.  This statement is substantiated by statistics that show home-schooled students consistently scored at or above average in virtually all subject areas on standardized tests.  Independent studies have also shown that when parents are directly involved in their child's education, the child is likely to excel in academics.


Perhaps this is why the popularity of home schooling is enjoying an explosive resurgence nationwide.  Now there are even great home schooling options available at colleges.  With vast options in curriculum available online these days, you too can captain your child's education.


Here are more advantages:

Without the confines of the classroom setting and schedule, studies can be accomplished in much less time.

The parent can tailor the curriculum to their child's interests and passions.

Individualized attention.

Real-life interactions and projects.

Teach core subjects from your religious perspective.

Move at your child's pace and still have time left over in the day to explore other interests.

Extended periods of time together strengthen family relationships.

Home-schooled children are more likely to value the views of their families over the views of their friends.

Social experiences tend to be more positively influenced.


The opportunity to truly mold your child's education is an alluring possibility, but it's not for everyone.  Weigh all of the pros and cons and decide what method would be best for you, your child and your family.  But it is important to consider home schooling a real option for today's road to a great education.


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