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Learning Through the Summer

It is an acknowledged truth that summer time for children means playtime and not learning time. Statistics prove time and time again that the summer is when young students tend to lose most of the learning they have gained in the past year.


For parents of a home-schooled child, this can be less of a problem since it is quite simple to conduct lessons through the summer months. Regardless, a structured summer school can still be a wonderful opportunity for those who learn at home. Not only will a summer school continue to engage the child in the learning process, but it will also provide an increased social outlet for a child who is perhaps used to only studying with his or her siblings. Additionally, summer camps have added resources that will allow children to participate in drama or art activities that may not be as possible at home.


Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes from all summer long programs to just a day. What a parent should look for when considering putting their child into a camp is first to find a program that is reputable. Whether it is run through the government or has some sort of certification, it is important for a parent to know that when they leave their child (be it for just the day or overnight as some camps do), he or she will be safe. Parents should ensure that the staff at the camp has been background checked for criminal history as well as certification in the subject they will teach.


Also, it is important to figure out how long and what type of camp you would like your child to participate in. Many have themes such as science, the outdoors, sports, arts or music-related. Consult with your children about what their interests are and which subjects they wish to study. Summer camps are a great opportunity to explore subjects not so readily taught at home.


The length of time the child is away is also a contributing factor. Many camps are overnight camps, oftentimes requiring that the students stay on site for an entire week. It is important to decide if you and your child are comfortable being away from each other for extended periods of time.


There are many fantastic summer schools. All it takes is some simple searching online to begin to see what is out there. To narrow your search, consult with schools, churches and community centers in your town. Often, even if they are not running programs, they'll know of some in the area that would be suitable for your child.


Summer camps are a great way to make the most of your child's summer, letting them learn and play!


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