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Most Popular :: October, 2017

These are the items that were the most popular for the month.  You may already be familiar with these items.  But if not, perhaps you are curious to know what our visitors have been enjoying the most.  See if you agree...


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President Flashcards

Flashcards - Presidents of the U.S.

Our Free Printable "President Flashcards" will help you introduce a little basic American History to the youngest child for the first time. Includes years of term(s) served and a sheet of some interesting facts.

Roman Numeral Flashcards

Flashcards - Roman Numeral

Our Free Printable "Roman Numeral Flashcards" will help to introduce the number system used in ancient Rome to the youngest child.  Original designs...kid-friendly.

First Ladies of the U.S. - Flashcards

Flashcards - First Ladies of the U.S.

As the saying goes, "Behind every great man, is a great woman."  While the President leads the country, the First Lady (or designated hostess) is a steadfast companion who stands diligently by his side through good times and bad.  As a valuable partner, it is among her duties to plan parties that will impress, entertain and perhaps sway the hearts of important guests when they visit the White House.

States of the U.S. - Flashcards

States of the U.S. - Flashcards

Our Free Printable States Flashcards are a great way to familiarize even the youngest child with a little basic U.S. geography.  Filled with lots of facts and colorful images, you'll love the results.



With a whimsical image and an example on each page, our Practice Worksheets provide an easy way to develop recognition and writing skills. Just copy and practice what you see to learn something new in no time. Our Math Challenges will test your skills in addition, division, multiplication and subtraction and can be customized for each individual student.

Flashcards - Matching Colors

Flashcards - Matching Colors

Our Matching Colors Flashcards are for the slightly advanced preschooler.  By associating whimsical images with colors, these flashcards are a great way to help teach color recognition and improve spelling abilities.

Mother Goose Anagrams

Mother Goose - Anagrams

It's fun to exercise your brain too!  So, we've created these Mother Goose Anagrams to give your vocabulary and spelling skills a workout.  Can you unscramble the letters on each line to create all of the rhyme-related words they hide?  Ready for an added bonus?  Unscramble the boxed letters to discover the secret word.

Color Cards

Color Cards

Our Free Printable Color Flashcards are a great way to introduce the youngest learner to colors.  Original designs...kid-friendly.

Astronomy - Flashcards

Flashcards - Astronomy

Does your little one ever look up at a starry sky and wonder? Our Astronomy Flashcards will help them to learn about the planets and many of the heavenly bodies inhabiting our solar system. Neat, colorful pictures and lots of interesting facts.

Letters - Black Cat Flashcards

Letters - Black Cat Flashcards

Our Free Printable "Halloween Black Cat Flashcards" will introduce letters to the youngest child for the first time using a colorful, seasonal theme.  We've even included blank cards so you can tailor the lesson to the student.

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