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Fun with Mother Goose


"Like the Butterfly,

 we all journey through a metamorphosis

 that begins with learning..."


Learning Should Be F-U-N!


Educators all over the world emphasize the value of learning.  But many have forgotten what it was like to be a child.  It can be impossible to harness endless energy in the name of learning if lessons are tedious and boring and not presented in an effective, imaginative manner.


At The Home School Zone, we've placed the onus on fun.  In today's economy, recess, art class, band practice and choir have slowly-but-surely been eliminated from the school curriculum due to budget constraints.  Creativity is also a part of learning; it helps us to find out who we are and defines the dreams we want to pursue.  We believe every child's imagination deserves to be nurtured and introduced to limitless possibilities...and we're here to help.


Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a caregiver or a student, everything on this website is absolutely FREE to use with only a few restrictions (please review our terms of use). 


Join us in "playing" our way to a great education.

Fun!   Informative!   Challenging!



Coloring Corner


President Flashcards


Jigsaw Puzzles

Our FREE Printable Coloring Pages let you go to the Circus, visit with prehistoric Dinosaurs, pick out your favorite Horse or pretend to be in a Rodeo.  Hours of fun for the young or young at heart.


Our Free Printable "President Flashcards" will help you introduce a little basic American History to the youngest child for the first time. Includes years of term(s) served and a sheet of some interesting facts.


"...almost like you've spread the pieces on the table."  These virtual jigsaw puzzles are a great way to add a little quiet fun to your life.  Select from three challenge levels:  Easy (25 pieces), Medium (49 pieces) and Difficult (100 pieces).  Are you up to the challenge?

Safety Matters

Some of our projects require supplies that may pose a swallowing hazard to the very young.  Since you know your child better than anyone else, we rely on your judgment to determine if a project is age appropriate.


Important Tip

To make all of your projects more durable, we recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better.




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